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Michael Friedland is a sleight of hand artist and memory expert located in Los Angeles, CA. Using nothing but every day objects and the power of the mind, Michael dazzles audiences with incredible performances of magic, card cheating demonstrations, memory feats, and more. He has performed for more than 20 years, providing entertainment, laughs, astonishment, and plenty of food for thought.

Michael began studying magic at the age of 13. A native of New York, he spent his weekends in Manhattan at gatherings with some of the world’s most celebrated and skilled experts, a crowd that included magicians, memory experts, card cheats, and other uniquely skilled individuals.
Learning with memory expert and teacher Harry Lorayne fascinated Michael, and led to his studying Philosophy of Consciousness at Tufts University. While at Tufts, Michael continued performing, singing bass for the Tufts Amalgamates. Today, Michael’s voice can be heard on many albums available on ITUNES, as well as several promotional videos and television commercials

After college Michael returned to NYC, where he sang bass again, this time for Duwende & Six13. In 2008, he wrote, directed, and produced his first one man show, ADD-LIGHTFUL, a show about the hidden delights of living with attention deficit disorder. During that time he attended New York University’s Stern School of business where he received a Masters in Business Administration.

In 2009, Michael moved to Los Angeles and immediately became a member of and performer at The Magic Castle. Shortly thereafter, film maker Nelson Cheng decided to feature Michael as one of his primary subjects in his documentary “The Magic Life”.

Michael is a captivating and engaging entertainer. His performances display high levels of virtuosity, care, and intellect, leaving audiences feeling not only mystified, but inspired, educated, and totally satisfied.

find_imgMichael Friedland: Magician, Memory Expert, Vocalist Entertainer

Michael Friedland-Sizzle Reel

A fun sizzle reel of Michael playing with cards around Los Angeles and in performances

Michael Friedland-Various Performances

A montage of performances including magic, card cheating, and memory demonstrations.

Trailer to Documentary Movie “The Magic Life”

Here is the trailer for “The Magic Life”, a film by Nelson Cheng. You can see this movie on ITUNES and other sites around the web.

Performance-Estimation Aces

Performing Estimation Aces during ADD-Lightful